This album represents the entire recording history of Frughtlupeshumanassorchestra. We editied together over 50 hours of recordings, spaning about 5 years. The first two songs we wrote (No Eyes and Killer Rabbits) took about six months to make, and contains around 20 different recordings. As this took a long-ass time, the other songs on the album are edited together from only 5 or 6 songs. The exception being "Giligan's Liment", which also appears on "Music for Dying."

Well, just when we think this album will come out... nothining happens. But one day it will! As our previous album was manily concerned with music for dying people, the present album is dedicated to that silent minority, those that don't like music. Now there's and album just for you!!! Listen, and understand. The Mp3s below are only samples of the songs. No eyes and Killer Rabbits are actually over 10 minutes long!

"Remember we just want your money, we dont care about quality."

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Music For People Who Don't Like Music

Turn the Dial

No Eyes (part 2)

Music For People Who Don't Like Music


Gilgan's Liment

Killer Rabits (part 3)


Our first album was named Disintegrator Orangutang, produced in 1993, there is only one copy in existance (but they are quite popular in Kazkahstan, in which there is a booming FLHAO bootleg market). It is currently kept in an underground laboratory, in which it serves no comprehensible purpose.

Disintigrator Orangutang

Music for Dying was our second and only mass produced album, put together in 1995. Unfortunatly, it didn't do as well in Kazkahstan. It was however used in the soundtrack of the blockbuster hit, "Uncle Mutli's Adventure at the Box Factory".

Music For Dying

  "Will apes be our masters? Listen and find out!." -
-Jimmy "Snacks" Kitten

""I always wondered what it would be like
to remove my arms and put them in a small box....
now I know."

-Alby Tubnickle

Frught Lupes
Human Ass Orchestra is:

  guitar, piano, percussion, sunna, blue-cheese flute, recorder, master poet
B.J. Mudflash   
stand up bass, viola, percussion, guitar, keys, flute, hose

turntables, tape loops, didjeridoo, accordian, percussion, fucked up bass, plastic tubing, flute

along with the occasional appearances of...

Pheemo (of No Doubt)

Moab Fladuk
    electric bass

    chewing various forms of potato chips

Huck Springrooster (of Fleshies)
    percussion, voice

King Boof (of the Starship Boof)
    percussion, trombone, voice and effects

Frethro Multhousand
    drums, tablas, cello, percussion

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