Frughtlupes Records Mental Hospital

The current inmates are as follows:
INNTANA (aka XZOOME, MC, producer) international country singing masterbationist. Gobanme (5bnm, MC and graffiti artist) complusive world bird watching champion. Red Worm (DJ and producer) 7th place artic penguin wrester like house painter. Yu Win (aka Otogiri, aka AP, MC and shoeshiner) 13th place in the Shizuoka Japan dwarf tossing championships. Flobby Tthomuse (Producer and DJ) marimo top breeder. UKY (DJ and apple detective) professional shoplifting cowpeople hunter.

Hip hop, experimental, fruit repair. At your service.

Frughtlupes was orginaly an experimental band consisting of members Flobby, Zarnac (Protrigga),and B.J. Mudflash. Bubbling up from Zarnac's Basement, frughtlupes was actually a way of playing music rather than an actual band. Frughtlupes would record atonal, non-rythmic noise from anywhere to 3 or 4 hours, and then sample the good parts. Our first two albums was made with tape loops! no sampler!

Each recording session had only one rule: use a new instrument or a new member. Everything from trumpets, violins, piano, accordion, to homemade instruments such as the Oilpan Guitar (a guitar made from an oilpan), and the SpringPipe (its well.. a pipe with a spring).

A live show was considered succesful if the audiance left confused and frustrated.

Unfortunatly they all died in the war with Mozzukestan.

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